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Current Films in Development

The Confidant

Family / Drama

A middle-aged businessman confides to his younger brother about his secret affair with a student and asks for his help to avoid his suspicious wife from finding out. The brother reluctantly agrees but problems arise when he ends up falling in love with the student himself.

Sanjays Way

Comedy / Drama

About two room mates trying to survive in the hectic fast paced jungle of modern Britain with dire consequences. Sanjay is the shy and innocent hard worker who embraces his culture. Mean while Rog is the lazy, alcoholic, party animal who despises his.

The Journey Through Hell

Political Drama

A Mans lonely and painful experiences of the immigration process from India in the 1990’s , through to Germany, Holland and present day England.

Current TV Projects

The London Tribe


5 young guys struggling to survive in present London with dead end jobs, too much drinking, partying and chasing girls. (An English version of Entourage but with struggling Actors etc)

Previous Projects

Pledge of Innocence

Action / Thriller / 93 Minutes

A criminal mastermind orchestrates a scheme to have a loved one assassinated.

State's Evidence

Drama / 89 Minutes

A group of teenagers agree to commit suicide together. However, when the final hours of their lives become destructive-the boy who sparked the idea of the mass suicide, now wants to live.


Drama / 12 Minutes

To run from one’s past is to run from one's self.